Today…We Dance!!!

“That’s my jam!!”

“Girl, they’re playing my song!”

Sound familiar?

Let me share something with you…

Separate from music playing on my iPod, YouTube, public radio, XM radio, Pandora, television or any particular medley or jingle, there are times when “MY” song blazes from the boom box in my mind. I shared this with my friend once and it tickled her pink, but not very long after I explained it was she rocking to a beat of her own. I asked, “Can you hear that?” She said, “What? Hear what?” I said, “When I walk, can you hear my song playing?” It was a day I knew I was FIERCE. You know that day when your hair is just right, flowing perfectly or each curl holds precision; that day when the “fit” is fly and properly accessorized from the earrings to the shoes. THIS is the day when the image of you in the mirror takes your OWN breath away. On a day like this, as I step…”MY” song plays!! No one can hear it but there is evidence of it in the melody of my stride and beats in my sway…”MY” song! As I wave and smile and greet, my rhythm is displayed. On days like this you can leave lasting affects of the harmony of “Your” song on everyone and everything around you.  There could be 20 people in line but you seem to be first, everyone is smiling at you. You have to check the calendar yourself to see if it’s your birthday. It’s just a great day. That song is HOTT and definitely number one on the charts. This is a YES day.

We ALL have these days, whether many or far and few between, PLEASE celebrate these moments. ENJOY THE MUSIC!!! Afterall, YOU created that song!! That beat!! DANCE!!

Try to create more days like this by taking a few minutes to prepare the night before…try new things…enhance the old…ask for help.

But nonetheless, when you possess these moments…Promise me one thing My Dear…That you’ll dance.

Dance in confidence. Dance even when no one else is watching, let people know, “Honey, they’re playing “MY” song.” Celebrate your sister by telling her when her song is playing.

“Girlllllll you know they’re playing your song TODAY, you go!” Joke with her by asking her if she can please turn her music down. DANCE TOGETHER!

“Love is the rhythm…Confidence, the beat…Embrace the strength in the swag of your feet…”

‘Dance to be bold…Shimmy cause your true…Feel the bass of the melody, created by YOU!”

Today prepare to be fierce and simply DANCE.


7 responses to “Today…We Dance!!!

  1. Your words are too smooth. I want to dance now, but when I get that feeling again I will make sure to own it….Thanks very nice

  2. I know about those days when I know my JAM is playing…!! So I can relate to that… What an inspiring way to put it! Thank You!

  3. I LOVE that feeling! I need to feel that way more often. Reading these words is encouraging me to dance to my song(s) more. Maybe I can pass that feeling to someone else like you have for me. Dance Sone’! Your jam is on!

  4. I love this! So true, so inspirational. Every woman needs to feel like her jam is playing. Soon as I wake up to the sun light I thank God. Then hop up out the Bed turn my swag on. Lol! Love your Blog Hun keep up the good work.

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